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This is a FEELER. I've had him for over a year and I'm still not bonding with him, so I thought I'd put him up for sale to see if there would be any interest for him.

Country you are located
United States; North Carolina

Description of item(s)
Dream Of Doll - DoC Too from Sept 2008
He's the new, non-long leg body [I'm not sure if you can still buy that body or not] with double jointed arms, thigh joints, etc. [see pictures]
He shows no signs of yellowing and has no marks, dents, stains, etc. that I can find. [He has a very light, minor mark on his headcap. I tried to take a picture of it, but it's barely noticeable. Any wig will cover it, so if you can't see it in the photo then don't worry too much about it. I almost didn't notice it myself.]
You will get JUST THE DOLL; no clothes, no shoes, no wigs, no eyes, etc.
He will also come with a faceup, done by me. His lips aren't glossed; I liked how they looked unglossed, but if you buy him and want me to gloss them just let me know and I will.
Please also note;
I own cats. I keep my dolls in a display case that they never get in, and I keep them away from all my doll-related items, but there are still cats in the home.

Price (and currency)
$200 USD, or best offer [+S&H]

Willing to Split + split prices?
Yes, but ONLY if a buyer for all parts is found first.

Methods of payment accepted?
Paypal preferred, but I will also accept checks and concealed cash at your own risk.

Would trade [+money making up the difference] for:
CP Delf normal skin Woosoo
MNF normal skin Woosoo

Layaway options?
I will accept layaways for no more than $50 a week. PLEASE NOTE: any and all payments made WILL NOT be refunded if you back out of the sale. If you flake and miss a payment you have one week until I assume you are no longer interested and consider the sale cancelled. Again, no money will be refunded. Please keep this in mind when deciding to purchase. [If something happens and you need an extra week let me know; I'm not unreasonable, I just want serious buyers only.]

Shipping method options?
EMS insured with tracking. If you want him shipped via something else contact me and let me know, otherwise this is how I'm sending him.

Seller will ship within (timeframe) after receiving full payment?
One week [7 days] of recieving full payment.

Your feedback thread
You can also find me on eBay under the name Kiri_Akurei.

Pictures or link to your ebay action

^Macro mode makes him look more yellow-y than he is

This is the ONLY picture I could get that shows the slight smudge on his head cap at all. The smudge is there by the shine.

Aaaand to prove he's mine;



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