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unnamed; Migidoll Sky Guys Ryu

Finally, after years of wanting a Ryu, I came across one on the marketplace that I just fell in love with and was able to bring him home. I'm still not sure what his name is (I've been considering Rowan or Leif but nothing really seems to click, you know? Feel free to suggest anything if you have any ideas) but I'm sure I'll figure out his name eventually~

He was shipped out in this box (which made my mum think I'd gotten a girl haha~) and I thought the signs were absolutely adorable~

His official box! (And a small cat cameo.)

Obligatory picture of my cat checking out the box.

Everything was packaged super well, and the paper his Sky Guy clothes were in was so cool!

Maple Squad was a total sweetie and sent me a thank you with some treats~ c:

I was too excited to open him up (MD Ryu has been one of my dream dolls for far too long) so I forgot to take a picture of him all wrapped up in bubble wrap, but he did come really well wrapped and padded.

I still can't get over how nice his faceup is. I was considering adding to it when I got him but now I don't even want to touch it, I love it.

More of his face before I thought to go grab him some eyes.

His eye holes are so little. It's one of the things I love about the Ryu sculpt, but I didn't expect just HOW little. Thankfully I had some small blue eyes from an MSD I'd gotten in the past so I was all set. (And I really like him with blue eyes, so I think he's keeping them.)

Wig needs a bit of trimming, but I didn't feel like doing it in the middle of checking him out so it's on my to-do list for now.

Ignore the lack of shirt-- I realised I don't have any shirt for him to wear right about then.

So I threw a jacket on him and for now~ (And there's the lovely MD book in the background-- it's bigger than I expected.)


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